Art, craft, decoupage and other courses.
Members organise seminars and workshops to create dimentional Art pictures from prints using decoupage
There are three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced).

Level 1: to understand techniques (cutting, shadowing, shaping and mounting). In this level we use easy to cut prints of picture with basic instructions for beginners.

Level II: slightly more difficult pictures and participants learn feathering and furring techniques and how to deal with trees, shrubs, flowers etc.

Level III: a combination of more advanced skills from level I and level II plus animals, buildings, landscapes etc. Participants should choose difficult prints which can show all skills and complications of the art.

The aim is to teach 3D Art, irrespective of age or level of ability. Individual or group lessons can be arranged in all three levels.

Art Gallery Bristol, England
Arts & Crafts Projects in Jersey
Arts & Crafts projects in Nikosia, Cyprus
3D decoupage works of members
International Teachers - Valentina J.
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Arts & Crafts projects in Bristol, England
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